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Skully's Ultimate Beard Care Kit

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Save $12 OFF retail plus Free US shipping with Skully's Ultimate Beard Care Kit. Kit Includes Skully's "Double Tap" medium hold Mustache Wax in a 1 oz. tin, a 1 oz. beard oil, 2 oz, beard balm, 4 oz. beard wash, 4 oz. beard conditioner & Skully's double sided Sandalwood comb. Pick your choice of matching beard oil, beard balm & beard wash to keep your beard clean, moisturized and healthy. 11 different scents to choose from.

Skully's "Double Tap" Mustache wax has a crisp clean old time Barbershop scent. Made with natural ingredients, contains no petroleum, goes on smooth, washes out easily and will give your mustache a medium all day hold.

Skully's Beard Oil's are made from the finest natural ingredients for facial hair. Natural oils keep facial hair soft, helps promote healthy hair growth and reduces itchiness associated with beard growth. Our beard oils are very lightweight and will help keep your beard conditioned and shiny. We have formulated our blends to not weigh down your beard or feel greasy are made from the finest natural ingredients for facial hair. Natural oils keep facial hair soft, reduces itchiness and helps promote healthy beard growth.

Skully's Sulfate free beard, hair and body washes have a very gentle lather that is soft enough for your face and tough enough to handle curly, coarse beard hairs. Vegetable origin, enriched with Aloe Vera. As a beard wash apply once or twice a week, but you can use it daily if you are in environments where your beard gets dirty regularly. Always follow up with a matching beard oil or beard balm.

Skully's Beard Conditioner in unscented and is designed to help any hair type. Our formula will help restore your hair’s natural biology for healthier, shinier, more manageable hair without stripping away natural oils and nutrients. Enriched with Safflower oil and contains oleic acid which is capable of safeguarding both scalp and hair. It improves the circulation in scalp and stimulating hair growth and strength to hair follicles. Helps soothe and soften dry hair. Perfect for both men and women.

Skully's Natural Green Sandalwood double sided comb has both coarse and fine teeth. Made to groom all types of hair, no matter if it's short, long, thick, or thin. Perfect for your mustache, beard or head hair. **These natural wood combs are made from natural green sandalwood and have different color variations. Sandalwood offers a very rich, noticeable Sandalwood scent which is the natural scent of the wood

*****Beard oil, Beard Balm & beard, hair & body wash Scents of your choice:*****

1. Skully's Isla De Muerta: An exotic tropical island blend of creamy coconut & pineapple.

2. Skully's Flamethrower: A spicy blend of cinnamon and clove with a woody undertone. Smells just like your favorite cinnamon whiskey shot

3. Skully's Pale Rider Beard Oil (Unscented): Unscented and great for a natural moisturizer.

4. Skully's Kentucky Mash Beard Oil: Sandalwood and Bourbon with , amber and a hint of spice.

5. Skully's Peacemaker Beard Oil: Bergamot and Lime with a hint of vanilla.

6. Skully's Havana Smoke Beard Oil: Masculine blend with the smell of fresh tobacco mixed with a hint of dark rum, peppermint.

7. Skully's Black Brew Beard Oil: Smells like a fresh pot of coffee. Handcrafted with pure coffee oil.

8. Skully's Timber Beard Oil: Rustic woodsy masculine scent with warm amber,

9. Skully's Buck Shot Beard Oil: Sweet orange scent with a hint of peppermint.

10. Skully's Backwoods Beard Oil: Masculine scent with Eucalyptus, Cedar wood and Pine notes.

11. Skully's Double Tap: Crisp Clean old time barbershop scent.

You will receive:
(1) 1 oz. mustache wax tin (Double Tap Scent)
(1) Sandalwood comb
(1) 1 oz. Beard oil (Pick scent in Option drop down)
(1) 4 oz. Beard wash (Pick scent in Option drop down)
(1) 2 oz. Beard balm (Pick scent in Option drop down)
(1) 4 oz. Beard conditioner (natural scent)